Sunday, January 3, 2010

A beautiful story about how I reverted to Islam. This is my story. From Catherine Huntley

Asalamu Alaikum,

My name is Catherine and I’m 20 years old. I’m from south west of England and quite frankly there are very few muslims in my home town. I was never brought up with a religion, although always believed in a creator, a God, I guess I just didnt know which path to follow. I went to a local school and have always been interested in studying religion so I guess for me, everything just took its place very quickly, at a young age. I was 15 when i started studying for my gcse’s, one of which was religious studies concentrating on Christianity and Islam. I had one muslim friend at the time, and they did help me alot by bringing back leaflets etc from the mosque, although I would like to say that it was not because of them I reverted, but more my own decision completely, as this is a common mistake.

During the first year of my gcse’s (year 10), I decided to take part in ramadan, and completed it. So I had my first experience of actualy doing something physically for my creator, and it felt amazing. So I studied more and more, during lunch breaks, after school etc. I had a thirst for knowledge that I never had before, I mean I had never even finnished a book in my life, but all of a sudden was able to read about Islam, and quotes from the Qur’an whenever I could. So it carried on this way for about 2 years. I really wanted to revert pretty much a year after I had been introduced to Islam, but my family did not agree at all, in fact, they hated it. So there way of (dealing) with me, was to say your not 18 yet so until then its our roof, our rules. So time went by, and it got to roughly 2 weeks before my 18th birthday. I couldnt take it anymore, I had to revert, it was like my heart was yerning for this peace and blessing that I couldnt wait anymore. So I went to the local mosque, of which I had never even been before, to take my Shahadah. I stepped in, talked with the Imam, and was so nervous its pretty much a blurr. Although, bottom line is, I did it!.. I was so happy and started to learn how to pray pretty much straight away. Alhamdulilah (praise be to Allah) that now I have been a muslimah for nearly 3 years. I learn new things every day and love to take pride in myself, and my beliefs.

My Family are starting to get used to me being muslim, I know 3 years later… but to be honest i dont think they will ever truly accept me, only Allah knows. I am now at a point where I am nearly married, insha allah, and would love to wear the hijab all the time. I do my prayers, as much as i can, and i wear the hijab whenever i can. Ive done talks at my old school about Islam, and I love to tell people about it, hoping that with every person i talk to, will be one more who understands, insha allah.

Well thats my story about done…. I could go on forever but im sure this is pretty much the basics…
Thank you for reading this article about my revertion to Islam…
May Allah (God), bless you, guide you, protect you and keep you safe insha allah (God willing)…

Asalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you)


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Perangi Hawa Nafsu
Oleh: akmaljun
Editor: NuurZaffan

Setiap orang memilliki keinginan untuk membuat kejahatan atau lebih dikenali sebagai hawa nafsu. Ini merupakan musuh utama anak adam dari syaitan. Dengan ini kekuatan syaitan terletak pada hawa nafsu. Hawa nafsu selalu mengajak manusia kepada kemungkaran dan jika kita menuruti bisikannya, maka pasti akan binasa.

"Kemudian menggantilah selepas mereka pengganti-pengganti yang mensia-siakan solat, dan mengikuti hawa nafsu (syahwat); maka mereka akan menemui kesalahan," 19:59.

Sebagian orang bijak berkata, “Barang siapa menyirami anggota badannya dengan hawa nafsu, maka ia menanam pohon penyesalan dalam hatinya” [Imam Al-Ghazali, Mukâsyafah al-Qulûb, h. 17]

Terdapat tiga perkara yang menyelamatkan dan tiga perkara yang membinasakan. Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: “Tiga perkara yang menyelamatkan , iaitu takut pada Allah ketika bersendirian dan di khalayak ramai, berlaku adil pada ketika suka dan marah, berjimat cermat ketika susah dan senang, dan tiga perkara yang membinasakan iaitu mengikut hawa nafsu, terlampau bakhil dan kagum seseorang dengan dirinya sendiri.”

Hawa nafsu musuh utama manusia perlu dilawan tetapi melawannya bukan perkara yang mudah. Maka jihad melawan hawa nafsu lebih utama daripada jihad lain.

Dalam menghadapi pertarungan jiwa ini manusia terbahagi kepada tiga golongan: Golongan yang dapat ditewaskan oleh hawa nafsu mereka. Inilah golongan orang kafir dan orang yang menuruti cara mereka, iaitu orang yang melupakan Allah, lantas Allah melupakan mereka. Golongan yang berjihad melawan dirinya iaitu bertarung memerangi hawa nafsunya. Kadangkala mereka menang dan kadangkala mereka kalah. Apabila mereka tersalah mereka bertaubat dan apabila mereka melakukan dosa mereka menyesal dan memohon ampun daripada Allah. Golongan maksum (terpelihara dari dosa) iaitu para nabi dan rasul. Nabi dan rasul adalah mereka yang dikurniakan keistimewaan oleh Allah sesuai dengan tanggungjawab yang dipikul oleh mereka sebagai penyampai risalah Allah kepada seluruh manusia.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya: ”Orang yang berjihad itu ialah mereka yang berjihad menentang nafsunya. ”

Para sahabat nabi ketika pulang dari berperang dengan orang-orang kafir sering berkata, "kami telah kembali dari jihad terkecil menuju ke jihad terbesar!".

Demikian ini disebabkan melawan hawa nafsu dan syaitan berlaku pada setiap masa, sementara berperang dengan orang kafir jarang sekali. Dengan demikian, upaya melawan hawa nafsu adalah sangat mulia bahkan melebihi jihad berperang. Beratnya melawan hawa nafsu itu sendiri diakui oleh para sahabat nabi.

Bahkan Nabi Sulaiman a.s. pun pernah bersabda : "Sungguh, upaya mengalahkan hawa nafsu lebih berat ketimbang menaklukkan sebuah kota!" [Al-Ghazali, Mukasyah al-Qulub, h.15]

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